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What's Happening with our Food Pantries?

Welcome to the LCS food pantry blog page! Here you can find out all the latest updates from our community food pantry. Learn more on our food pantries page. 

A Caring Crew Keeps the LCS Pantry at St. Stephen’s On Course

Kanchalee Reeves and her crew of caring volunteers keep things running smoothly every weekday at the LCS Food Pantry at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church.

03, Sep 2021
LCS Unity Food Pantry - It’s Not Just About the Food

Richard Porto at the LCS Unity Food Pantry explains that building relationships and connections makes LCS what it is - welcoming, caring, and there for you.

03, Sep 2021
Haley and Laura-Beth Give Back

Read about the work Haley and Laura-Beth do for LCS.

03, Sep 2021
Celeste's Story

Celeste's story during COVID-19 and her work with Lutheran Community Services.

03, Sep 2021
Finn and the Pandemic!

What can an 8 year old do to fight a pandemic? Finn proved that the answer is: quite a lot!

02, Sep 2021