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Meet Our Team

Rob Gurnee

Executive Director

302-654-8886 ext. 101

rgurnee (at) lcsde (dot) org

Oversees our organization’s finances, programs, and staff. Was bored doing two jobs here so took a third. Definitely not a wizard.

Heather Mackson

Program Director

302-654-8886 ext. 104

hmackson (at) lcsde (dot) org

Guru of our programs makes sure that all of our efforts are directed where they do the most good. Equally likely to fight FOR you, as fight WITH you.

Alex Mazzei

Marketing Manager

302-654-8886 ext. 109

amazzei (at) lcsde (dot) org

Manages our marketing, fundraising events, donations, and social media pages.  Basically scrolls Facebook for a living.

Jenn Ruebush

Community Outreach Coordinator

302-654-8886 ext. 105

Writes our blogs and coordinates with our supporters. Equal parts reporter, community worker, and whack-a-mole expert.

Franco M. Thomas

Smoking Cessation Specialist

302-654-8886 ext. 106

fthomas (at) lcsde (dot) org

Manages our Smoking Cessation program and coordinates with the DE Quitline. Think silent Noir type that hates cigarettes.

Jean M. Washington

Assistant Program Director

302-654-8886 ext. 110

jwashington (at) lcsde (dot) org

Helps to run our programs and guides clients through our processes. Enough of a queen to ground other people’s kids.

Jennifer Williams

Food Distribution Coordinator

302-654-8886 ext. 111

jwilliams (at) lcsde (dot) org

Organizes our Food Pantry and assists with the Food Farmacy. Energy in search of a direction. Or a protein shake.

Morgan S. Williams

Homelessness Prevention Specialist

302-654-8886 ext. 108

mwilliams (at) lcsde (dot) org

Helps run our Homelessness Prevention program and secures checks to our clients. A modern day superhero if the villian was paperwork.

Board Members

President Barbara King
Vice-President Bill Brizendine
Treasurer John Hartnett
Secretary David Lyons
  Kristie Augenblick
  Denise Gray
  Greg Landrey
  Anne Pilson
  Shirley Saunders
  Dr. Chris Tai
  David Warner

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