A Smiling Face and a Burst of Energy, Lauren Joins LCS

Published on 02/10/2022
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Jenn Ruebush
Community Outreach Coordinator

January 24th, our office got a bit brighter. Bringing her can-do attitude and cheery disposition, intern Lauren Myers joins us through May, when she finishes her associate’s degree in Human Service from Delaware Technical Community College. As you talk with her, you begin to understand just how much her educational and career path is a part of who she is.

Like our other intern, Mitchell Frizzell, Lauren is a native Delawarean. She lives with her parents and two dogs, Harley and Autumn, in the house she grew up in. Lauren serves as a caregiver for her parents, both of whom have disabilities. “We help each other out and enjoy spending time together,” she says. A sister and other family live nearby, and she likes to get together with friends when she can. Previously, Lauren interned with Mosaic, an organization that helps people with intellectual and behavioral health disabilities, as well as those with autism and aging adults.


Lauren’s classes have included human services, ethics and theory, political science and policy, and her favorite, human development. “It’s really interesting to study not just the bones and muscles, but the thought processes and emotions that we have to work through,” she explains. “Different events affect you at different stages of life, and your perspective changes over time.” College for her started in person but mostly has been on Zoom since the pandemic. Internships offer a welcome change. “It’s nice to get out a little since you start to feel stir crazy, especially as a caregiver.”

At LCS, Lauren is working closest with our Marketing Coordinator Alex Mazzei and Homelessness Prevention Specialist Morgan Williams. One of her first tasks was to contact other local service programs, many of them churches and dining halls. She confirms they still operate, checks their hours and services offered, and reminds them what we do here. For another project, Lauren is scheduling food pantry volunteers at our Choice Pantry. She’s also supporting Morgan with DEHAP applications for help with rent and utilities. “It involves a lot of forms and documentation and can be a long process.” 


One of her professors, Bill McCracken, suggested LCS for an internship. “I looked at your website and read over what you do. A lot of people work hard, living paycheck to paycheck, and it’s nice to see someone trying to help.” “It’s good to know about the diverse services and resources out there in the human services field. There’s such a wide range of needs and resources.”

After she graduates, Lauren looks forward to networking more, so she can help branch out and get people where they need to be. When asked what she hopes to do, she replies, “I want to leave a lasting impact and want people to know I’m there for them. I want to work with people with disabilities because of my experience with my parents.” Lauren also has experienced hearing loss since she was young and knows first hand about some of the challenges that presents. “It gives you a sense of ‘huh,’ that just because a disability isn’t visible doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges to overcome.”

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Most of Lauren’s hobbies also focus on people and relationships. Her senior year of high school, a teacher had students make a scrapbook of their family history. Lauren’s continuing that scrapbook and enjoys tracing her genealogy. She has family in Germany and hopes to connect with them some day. Lauren enjoys crafts, spending time with family, and participating in family tradition like making spaetzle with her aunt.

LCS is grateful for Lauren’s energy and friendliness and look forward to all she will add to our organization. Best wishes for a successful last semester and a happy graduation, Lauren!

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