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Being Involved is Good for the Soul

The Rev. Emily Gibson reflects on her experience as LCS President of the Board of Trustees. It included a pandemic and Zoom meetings, but also commitment and compassion.

23, May 2022
Gathering Together at RATT

The LCS community gathered together in person once again at their annual Room at the Table breakfast and enjoyed an uplifting morning with inspiring clients.

23, May 2022
Room at the Table 2022

The Room at the Table, our annual event to highlight what we do at LCS, will be at Christ Church, and we can’t wait to interact with supporters and new friends!

23, May 2022
Sharing Food Pantry With a Friend

The LCS Food Pantry at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church has been a blessing to Debbie. She let her friend know about it and brought him with her to register with LCS.

23, May 2022
2021 Looking Back as We Continue to Move Forward

We not only endured another pandemic year, we did our best to make it a better one, thanks to our many dedicated staff, volunteers, clients, and supporters!

24, May 2022
From DuPont's Jan Waldauer

Jan Waldauer, DuPont Global Programs Manager, shares what her job involves, how she got where she is, why she loves what she does, and how DuPont partners with LCS.

23, May 2022
Grateful Beyond Words

Working with the rental office and the Food Bank of Delaware, LCS is connecting Ms. Alice and her husband to community resources. She is grateful beyond words.

23, May 2022
Michelle Axe Presents the Delaware Food Farmacy

Watch ChristianaCare’s Michelle Axe’s presentation on the Delaware Food Farmacy. She joined a panel on “Urban Ag Connections to Health and Wellness” for DE Ag Month.

23, May 2022
Selection, Convenience, and Connection

At LCS, we hope each person feels respected and well cared for. Here’s Sonja’s perspective and experience. We love the relationships we develop with our clients.

23, May 2022
LCS Distributes COVID Test Kits

LCS steps up to distribute COVID-19 Tests to our pantry clients, thanks to New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer’s initiative to get more tests into the community.

23, May 2022
Welcome Mitchell

Two energetic interns have joined LCS this month! Please welcome Mitchell Frizzell and Lauren Myers! We’re highlighting Mitchell in this first of two stories.

23, May 2022
A Smiling Face and a Burst of Energy

Bringing pep to our office and a smile at the front desk, Lauren Myers has joined LCS for an internship as she finishes up her human services degree at DelTech.

23, May 2022