Selection, Convenience, and Connection

Published on 02/03/2022
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Jenn Ruebush
Community Outreach Coordinator

Sonja found out about the LCS pantry at Baynard Blvd. through a Google search. She was looking for a place nearby in case she needed to walk some of the time, and we met that criteria. Part of a household of two, she found registration easy and likes our choice form. Sonja explains, “It tells you what the options are for each food group, and you get to pick what you prefer.”

“They have a good selection. I’ve gotten a couple of whole chickens that were extraordinary! I’ve had venison, pulled pork, and last week, a huge ham.”


While she gets enough for her family from LCS each week, Sonja appreciates that Jenn Williams and the volunteers at LCS share information about other pantries. They told her about the mobile pantry the Food Bank of Delaware held at New City Church. She was impressed with the amount of food given. Sonja said, “I live in an apartment complex with a lot of seniors. After I put all I could in the freezer, I had enough to share with some of my neighbors.”

LCS distributes additional items when possible. Sonja shared, “When it’s not so cold or rainy outside, they set up tables with extra canned goods, cookies, crackers, vitamins, baby supplies, toiletries, sunscreen, whatever they have, and you can take what you’d like.” 


“Oh and the summertime vegetables - amazing! They have a lot of different kinds of tomatoes and peppers to choose from. They have some vegetables that I don’t usually eat (like eggplant), but I’ve started eating them.”

We are grateful when we can share “extras” like the toiletries and vitamins that get donated to LCS. The fresh produce comes from our Peace Garden here as well as from local gardeners who share their excess. These donations really do make a difference to those who come to our pantries.

Sonja serves as a great example of this. “I have to monitor my diet due to health issues that cross over. Some of the food from the pantry has helped me meet those needs.”


Congratulations to Sonja, who recently became a grandmother! Our Food Pantry Coordinator Jenn Williams was rooting for the baby to arrive on her birthday, which is how it worked out. Thanks to donations we received, Jenn was able to send the new grandmother home with some diapers and baby supplies. Fun connections like that make our relationships with those who come to LCS even more special. We love seeing Sonja each week. Jenn agrees, “She’s such a sweetheart.” 

Thank you for sharing your experience and your story with us, Sonja! We hope others who read this will reach out as well.

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