Sharing St. Stephen’s Food Pantry With a Friend

Published on 02/21/2022
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Jenn Ruebush
Community Outreach Coordinator

January 31st was cold but sunny. Debbie, almost 65, walked from 2nd St. to the LCS food pantry at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church. Debbie’s daughter recently died. Understandably, she’s been in a rut and is trying to move forward. With the sunshine, Debbie didn’t mind the walk. She also had company since she brought a friend with her. He was able to register with the pantry and get food to take back as well.

Similarly, Debbie found out about St. Stephen’s pantry through someone else. She said it was before the pandemic and there was an event at the church with soup and desserts. Kanchalee Reeves, St. Stephen’s Pantry Coordinator, elaborated on the event Debbie first attended, “It was the Empty Bowl Dinner. Guests donated money and received donated soup, bread, dessert, and donated handcrafted bowls to symbolize those who are hungry. The day after, we served leftover soup, bread and dessert to clients. They loved it!” This year, it was a takeout event. Look for it again next March.

Since then, Debbie has returned regularly to St. Stephen’s, although with her daughter’s death, she didn’t make it out for a while. Grateful to be up and moving, Debbie shared her appreciation for the pantry. “This has been wonderful. I’m blessed to be eligible since the $54/month I was getting in food assistance wasn’t enough,” Debbie said and then added, “It’s so nice in the summer with all the produce. People just bring it in from their gardens.”

Debbie, we are so sorry for your loss and hope you find more bright days ahead. Thank you for sharing your story with us and our services with those around you.

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