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Emergency Financial Services

About this Program

Helping families stay together through the unexpected.

No one should have to worry about staying in their home, or having their power shut off. We provide emergency financial assistance for those who are at risk of losing their homes or losing access to utilities. Our friendly staff and volunteers will be happy to help walk you through our process. Each year, we assist on average 600 individuals per year. 

LCS can provide aid for the following situations, pending the review of your application:

  • Late rent or mortgage
  • Security Deposits
  • Utility Shut Off

How to Qualify

The minimum requirements for this funding are:

  • You must be a legal resident of Delaware.
  • You must show your need by providing the required documentation.
  • Your total gross monthly income can not exceed the following
Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Maximum Monthly Income $4,413 $5,042 $5,671 $6,300 $6,805 $7,309 $7,813 $8,317

How to Apply

Complete a 2 page application, that includes:

  • Applicant information
  • Household income
  • Household member information
  • Monthly budget
  • Reason for need

*You can submit the printable application via email to

What to Expect After You Apply

We want the process to go smoothly! The time between when you apply and when the process is complete will vary from a couple of days to several weeks depending on how quickly you are able to respond to questions and provide documentation.

Initial review: within 2-3 business days LCS will

  • Review your application
  • Contact you via Phone or Email
  • Discuss any questions with you
  • Let you know whether we think we can help you or not
  • If we can help, the you will be asked to provide required documentation
    (see application for detail)

Funds provided: Once we receive all documentation, we will send a check directly to your landlord or utility company

If LCS is unable to assist you, contact the Delaware Helpline by dialing 2-1-1 or calling 1-800-560-337. Visit their website for more information.

COVID-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19 related loss of jobs, reduced hours and furloughs, many people in Delaware are having difficulty paying rental and utility obligations. In order to meet this need, Lutheran Community Services (LCS) is administering emergency financial assistance with funds provided through the City of Wilmington, New Castle County, and the Delaware State Housing Authority. There is no fee for this service.

Other Resources

If you are a renter in Delaware who is facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic, you may qualify for rental assistance from Delaware Housing Assistance Program (DEHAP)

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