Grateful Beyond Words (And a Joy to Serve)

Published on 03/01/2022
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Jenn Ruebush
Community Outreach Coordinator

Ms. Alice is a joy to talk with. Her life has many challenges, but she tries her best to look for the positive. She and her husband James have lived together in the same community for decades. Ms. Alice was an active force and well known in the area, throwing barbecues for the kids and, later, often seen traveling around on her scooter. Now both Ms. Alice and James have serious health issues and struggle to pay the rent and utilities. She explained, “I used to go to churches for help when I could get around.” Health issues and mobility challenges mean Ms. Alice has not been out of the apartment in two years.

Our Homelessness Prevention Assistant Program Director, Jean Washington, first spoke with Ms. Alice and got her application in for DEHAP, the state’s program to help with rent and utilities. Then, Ms. Jean passed her name along to our National Health Corps of Delaware member, Jenn Ruebush. She found out Ms. Alice needed help with food delivery. While LCS does not have delivery for our choice pantry, Jenn knew of some programs with the Food Bank of Delaware. She connected Ms. Alice with Denise Hurtado-Valdez, the Home Delivery Coordinator at the Food Bank.

Together, we all are working to help Ms. Alice. We’ll let her tell more about her experience:

Our rental office helps me out a lot. It was Ms. Jackie, a.k.a. ‘Pretty Girl’ - that’s what I call her because she has the prettiest eyes, who told me about the program. She’s always trying to help me, and she told me about the program.

I talked to Ms. Jean at Lutheran [Community Services]. I tell you, she’s the greatest. You guys really help. The day I talked to her, I had been down and out because I didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent or anything. … She is the greatest. She got on the phone. Because I had to go through social security, she helped with that. She went above and beyond, out of her way to help me out. And then you come along, and you help me with food and everything.

I thank God for you all because without you, I could be on the street. I could lose my place. You know, times are hard, but you guys are the greatest. I was so depressed, I was crying on the phone. I couldn’t believe I was getting help. I am very sick and am not supposed to be stressed, but you guys relieved all that pain. 

I appreciate everything you guys are doing - you guys and the rental office and Ms. Denise. God bless you all. Without you guys, I wouldn’t know what to do. There’s no words that could say how good y’all made me feel.

I sat up practically all night trying to think how to say this. Because there are no words. I want it to come from the heart. That’s where I’m coming from - the heart.

We truly enjoy talking with and helping Ms. Alice. Her advice for others is “Just keep your faith.” Ms. Alice encourages, “Keep pushing. That’s what you gotta do. Keep pushing. Do what the doctor tells you to do. Don’t give up.” We hope Ms. Alice’s DEHAP application gets approved soon. Despite her trials, she is hopeful and inspires us with her heart and her faith.

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