Giving Healthy Recipe-Based Delivery and Cooking Videos a Try

Published on 01/25/2022
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Jenn Ruebush
Community Outreach Coordinator

LCS delivered its first recipe-based food order the week of January 17th. Inspired by meal delivery services that provide a recipe and fresh ingredients to subscribers, LCS Marketing Coordinator Alex Mazzei suggested we try something similar for our Delaware Food Farmacy clients. Along with partner ChristianaCare, we strive to empower individuals struggling with chronic disease management. ChristinaCare provides wraparound healthcare, and LCS delivers fresh and healthy food to clients and their families once a week. Figuring out what to do with foods you have not prepared or eaten before sometimes leads to avoiding them altogether. Now we are guiding clients with recipes and step-by-step videos.

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When completing their order forms, clients will see the recipe for the month and decide if they would like the ingredient kit to go with it. The first recipe was for white chili made with ground turkey. Each third week of the month, the meal kit will be included in the weekly delivery. ChristianaCare will show clients how to access the videos demonstrating how to prepare the meal.

Working with his sister, Shannon Mazzei, a Registered Diet Technician and chef with Balanced Nutrition, Alex filmed a series of instructional videos. A new Delaware Food Farmacy YouTube channel will host all the videos, which range from 4 to 9 minutes in length. For the turkey chili, for example, there are four videos.

- Fundamental Fun: Bell Peppers
- Fundamental Fun: Tomatillo, Celery, and Garlic
- Fundamental Fun: Saute
- White Turkey Chili - Recipe Demonstration

Not only do the videos show you how to make the monthly recipe, they define cooking terminology, demonstrate techniques, and offer tips and pop up “Farmacy Facts” along the way. For instance, at the beginning of the bell pepper video, Shannon shows you how to hold a chef’s knife in the center, allowing for better control, power, and safety. During the second video, she explains how the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) Diet works. Then she continues, “Now the important stuff - how do we use all these great foods in a way that works for you?” After all, we want cooking to be rewarding. Shannon goes through what an ingredient is and how it’s often used, as well as cleaning, prepping, and cooking, all with safety in mind. First up is tomatillo!

We believe that learning how to prepare the Delaware Food Farmacy items will encourage individuals to incorporate lower salt, lower fat, and higher fiber foods into their diets. Working with ChristianaCare’s nutritionists, we want clients to find healthier ways to prepare and flavor foods by having fun experimenting with what appeals to their specific tastes and preferences. Hopefully cooking will become an exciting and enjoyable activity. Check out our January recipe and videos here, and stay tuned. Next month? Sofrito rice and beans!


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