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 Reaching Out to Smokers Statewide

Published on 06/22/2022
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Jenn Ruebush
Community Outreach Coordinator

LCS focuses on empowering individuals and families through not only food pantries and homelessness prevention, but health services as well. We’ve highlighted the Delaware Food Farmacy in several blog posts. The other program, smoking cessation through the Delaware Quitline, has the potential to reach an even larger population. According to the CDC, 15.1% of Delaware adults reported themselves as current smokers1. The Quitline helps individuals trying to quit smoking with free quit-aid products and coaching. 

While LCS has offered smoking cessation assistance for 20 years, we recently expanded from a mostly administrative role to a statewide outreach focus. To reach more smokers, we created a new staff position of Health Program Outreach Manager with Ayesha Bailey, who joined us in mid-May. Ayesha will be collaborating with Optum, which manages the Quitline for Delaware and provides marketing and technical support.

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Often a difficult habit to break, quitting smoking can require multiple attempts. While the goal is to quit within eight to twelve weeks, you can re-register immediately and as many times as you need. By visiting community centers, wellness events, and other settings encouraging healthy choices, Ayesha will promote the Quitline and the support it offers. She has attended events at Prices Park in Wilmington and the Seaford District Library and looks forward to meeting other communities around the state.

With her knowledge about the science of smoking cessation and the resources available, Ayesha’s main goal is to let Delawareans know about the Quitline so they can find support in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in Ayesha joining any of your community or healthcare events to provide information about the Delaware Quitline, you can reach her at ayesha.bailey@optum.com

Please help us share the Quitline with anyone you know who may be interested in ending their smoking habit! The Quitline is available 24 hours every day. To get started or to obtain additional information, call 1-866-409-1858 or click here.

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To learn more about Ayesha and her pathway to joining LCS, visit our blog at https://lcsde.org/blog/smoking-cessation/finding-her-way. She brings lots of energy and excitement to our smoking cessation program.

1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Population Health. BRFSS Prevalence & Trends Data [online]. 2015. [accessed Jun 13, 2022]. URL: https://www.cdc.gov/brfss/brfssprevalence/.

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