Appealing From the Heart as 2021 Draws to a Close

Published on 12/16/2021
Rob Gurnee
Executive Director

At the end of each year, most nonprofit organizations send a letter – an “annual appeal” asking for financial donations. Curious what ours said? Here it is.

How do you describe the year 2021? Much has changed from a year ago, some for the better, but we still face many challenges. We remain in a pandemic even as we approach the year’s end. I hope you have found ways to persevere and discover strength and peace with those around you.

This year, we launched The Delaware Food Farmacy, a health equity program with ChristianaCare. It helps Medicaid eligible patients who have struggled to manage their chronic health issues and provides them with medically tailored food and surrounds them with a focused health care team. LCS delivers low-salt, low-sugar, high-fiber food like fresh produce and lean dairy and meat to their homes. We also provide a kitchen starter kit, monthly basics, and weekly culinary kit. After six months in the program, our graduates find new ways to live, eat, and advocate for themselves.

“I learned a lot of things I didn’t know. You won’t believe how good they are. The quality of the food and the people - they’re just a class act. I’m so very grateful for them.” As one of the first graduates of the program, Steven inspires us and motivates us to find ways to expand this program. After struggling with Diabetes and other health issues for years, he made important choices and changes as a result of the program. LCS also helped Steven with a security deposit for a new place to live, personal items, and referral to legal services for a prior housing issue.


Our food pantry, homelessness prevention, and smoking cessation programs continued to operate without interruption during the pandemic. With a van we purchased to serve Delaware Food Farmacy clients, we also began delivering food to senior communities who were unable to attend our pantries. Our staff and volunteers adapted our programs and kept us going because they genuinely care. Individuals and organizations donated food, toiletries, and time. LCS provided practical assistance and hope during this difficult time.

Without dedicated supporters like you, we would not have been able to continue reaching out to the community in new ways even as the number of those finding themselves facing food and housing insecurity rose.

Thank you for your loving support. Every donation makes a difference, and we could not do what we do without you.

Best wishes for a safe and joyous end of one year and start of the next!

With gratitude,

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Rob Gurnee
Executive Director

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